There’s a lot to do to the house. Here’s a list of what we plan to do at some point, in no particular order. It’s lucky we plan on living in this house for a long time, because this list is ambitious.


  • Remove bamboo
  • Fill Well
  • Remove pool area
  • Expand/Refubrish Bluestone Patio
  • Add plant life
  • Grow vegetable garden
  • Repair fence
  • Replace/Repair shed
  • Get new house numbers
  • Paint house/Replace Siding
  • Paint shed
  • Remove trees
  • Repair driveway
  • Replace front steps


  • Replace front door & storm door
  • Sand down & repaint brick planter
  • Paint
  • Fix closet door by replacing hinge
  • Remove tile flooring
  • Replace molding
  • Add entertainment center shelving
  • Wire room for wall-mounted TV and roof antenna
  • Add gas fireplace?
  • Add curtains & furnish with furniture
  • Add light fixtures
  • Add crown molding


  • Paint
  • Add decorative shelving
  • Add light fixture
  • Replace floor molding
  • Add crown molding
  • Buy carpet


  • Paint
  • Replace cabinetry
  • Replace all appliances
  • Add stone countertop
  • Install subway tile backsplash
  • Replace flooring
  • Add built in cabinets between kitchen and dining room

Master Bedroom

  • Paint
  • Buy new bedroom set
  • Replace closet all doors
  • Replace carpet in small closets
  • Replace ceiling fan
  • Make the AC unit presentable
  • Install some closet organization
  • Fix up attic access to be useful for storage
  • Install window treatments
  • Replace plywood attic doors
  • Install flooring in closets


  • Paint
  • Replace doors (closet & door to room)
  • Get nightstands
  • Replace ceiling fan
  • Install window treatments


  • Paint
  • Replace doors (closet & door to room)
  • Replace ceiling fan
  • Add artwork
  • Install window treatments

Upstairs Bathroom

  • Replace sink
  • Fix toilet
  • Paint
  • Replace tile
  • Replace hardware (towel rack, faucets, etc.)
  • Add artwork
  • Replace vanity
  • Replace door
  • Replace tub faucet & shower head
  • Replace exhaust fan

Downstairs Bathroom

  • Replace closet door
  • Paint
  • Replace window treatments
  • Replace tile
  • Repair wiring for  light switches
  • Replace exhaust fan
  • Tear down false wall to hopefully reveal shower
  • Repair hidden shower

Family Room

  • Paint
  • Paint entertainment center
  • Buy carpet
  • Install window treatments
  • Replace sofa with a sleeper sofa
  • Replace old tube TV
  • Hang artwork


  • Replace washer/dryer
  • Replace & add storage shelving
  • Replace garage door
  • Install new garage door opener
  • Clean garage
  • Install shelving


  • Replace plywood “cubby hole” doors
  • Re-finish hardwood floors through out
  • Repair wiring for hallway light

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