Our House Has A Secret!

For a long time since we moved into our home in late 2011, we’ve realized that one of the walls in our downstairs bathroom wasn’t quite right. For one thing, it had clearly been installed after the tile. There was no tile, caulk or sealing at the base of the wall, and it gave a little if you pushed it. It sounded hollow when you knocked on it. Suspicious indeed. Then there was this damning photo, which came to our attention after we googled searched our address.

Courtesy of Zillow

Courtesy of Zillow. By the time we saw the house it had +1 toilet, +1 sink, -1 shower.

I would have taken a before picture of the wall in the bathroom, but the wall was already completely removed by my father and husband  in a heat-of-the-moment testosterone-driven frenzy by the time I got back from an unrelated Home Depot run.

I had taken a picture of the wall after I hung up some framed fabric in the room at some point in the past.IMG_1280

Here’s the bathroom “before.” The wall, you’ll just have to imagine, is just to the left, out of frame. IMG_0898

First, just a small hole. Small enough to cover with the picture that had been hanging there. Just to take a peek….   IMG_2847   Then, within a matter of minutes…. IMG_2846

DSC00336Based on the first photo, we were expecting that there was a shower behind the wall. We assumed that,much like the rest of the house upon purchase, it was in  a state of horrible disrepair. We had some plumbing issues in the house when we first moved in, and because this shower sits right on the foundation of the house, repairs to plumbing under this shower would not be easily accessible. We assumed that the bank had found that putting up a wall would be cheaper than repairing any decrepit shower stalls. I’ve never been more stunned and delighted to be wrong. The shower is in excellent working order! It needs little else aside from a shower curtain and a thorough cleaning. Since this bathroom is not on the home’s property card, we’re left to imagine that the reason it was walled off was probably tax or permit related. That may come to light when we eventually go to sell the house. But in the mean time, we officially have two showers!




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