Family Room Redesign Wish List

We bought a vintage map of New York State on our road trip in Seattle, and I LOVE it! Normally I would find a place for it right nearby all my other favorite decor in the living room, but that real estate is all accounted for.  So OBVIOUSLY the solution is to completely redesign the family room to bring it up to a level of beauty worthy of my new favorite thing.

The family room was left largely undecorated, and has contained all of our “B-list” furniture since we moved in. A lot of it is hand-me-down or target purchases for our first apartment. As a result we don’t spend that much time in the room. I think the addition of an internet-connected TV and some fresh furniture could turn things around. We’re not planning on redecorating quite yet, but it’s nice to plan ahead for when we do have the cash/time to invest.


1. Moroccan Trellis Rug in Blue from

2. Go-Cart Console Table and  Mint Filing Cabinets from CB2

3. Vintage NYS Map (Already purchased!) from vintage map/magazine shop at Pike Place in Seattle

4.  Handy Living Puebla Convertible Couch from Wayfair

5.  Gourd Shaped Lamp from Target

6.  Martha Stewart Paint in  “Cumulus Cloud”

7.  PS 2012 Coffee Table from IKEA


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