Countertops: Week 3



I haven’t been posting day to day because a lot of this week has been spent waiting. The cabinets had to be installed before the countertops could be properly measured, and then once the countertops are measured, you have to wait 10 days to have it cut and installed. We’ve been at a stand still. The sink cannot be hooked up until the counters are in, the back splash cannot go up until the counters are in.

On Friday afternoon the jerks people at Marvick came and installed our counters. For the record, they came in through the back door, and did not have to walk up a single stair! How about that! (For more on that drama, see here.)

Pebble Ceasarstone close up.

Pebble Ceasarstone close up.

We went with ceasarstone “pebble” color. Ceasarstone is  a man-made stone, mostly quartz. It’s very low maintenance, can be cleaned with anything, and is more resistant to heat than granite. We had options to go with a very flat, consistent look. There were also a lot of choices that were sparkly and super shiny. I’m glad we went with neither. The pebble is a medium gray, and it’s got some randomness to it that makes it appear more on the natural side, but it’s not ultra-shiny. It’s hard to see it’s texture in the pictures, but it looks great!

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