Kitchen update – Weeks 2-3

Coming along!

There is a filler piece above the fridge that wasn’t in at the time of this picture. Also we’ve since unwrapped the fridge.

The cabinets are in! The appliances are in! We were even able to put most of our food and belongings back!  We still have a bunch of random kitchen stuff out in our family room, because we’re putting in a few open shelves, but things are feeling a lot better.

But we lack countertops. Without countertops, we still don’t have a sink in our kitchen, which has been a real drag. Technically we can cook, but we have to do our dishes in the bathroom sink. Which is disgusting. So cooking has been minimal.

We have had a good experience so far with all of the companies we’ve had to deal with, except Marvic Countertops of our New Jersey. Trying to make us pay because we have stairs up to the front of the house, when they could easily walk around to the back of the house, which is closer to the kitchen. Trying to make us pay for material we’re not using. Not returning phone calls. General jerkiness. I recommend not buying countertops from them. I would have spent more to deal with more professional people.

Also, I’m sick of everyone wanting about $500 more than they said they needed in the first place. Our electrician has been the only person to not screw us over in this way.

General Contractor/Cabinet guy: Needed $500 for more material to do a custom cabinet that was ordered in the first place and should have been included in the initial estimate

Plumber: To replace a bathroom pipe, exposed within the kitchen wall.

Tile Guy: Because we wanted a brick pattern instead of squares. (But we’re also getting money back on the backsplash because glass is more expensive to install, and we ended up going with ceramic  which is for some reason cheaper to install? We might be coming out OK here.)

Countertop People: Because we have steps, and then also just because.

But the end is in sight! Right now we’re on track to be finished by May 13th! Our countertop should be installed this Friday and, barring any craziness, we’ll have the backsplash next Monday. Then cabinet lights and the open shelves and we’re finished!

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