Grout & Cabinetry: Days 5-9

Empty hole = pull out garbage can

Empty hole = pull out garbage can

Saying “Days 5-9” is a little misleading, since two of those days were Saturday and Sunday and no work was completed. On Friday, Day 5, the only thing that happened was grouting the floor tile. It looks good, but it’s not exactly blog-entry-worthy.

On Monday and Tuesday we saw a the beginnings of cabinetry come into place. We’re still not finished with that yet (obviously). But we’re on track to template the countertop on Thursday, so we better keep moving!

At some point soon we have to make the long, hard drive back to IKEA. We ordered ourselves the wrong faucet, so we’ll want to replace that before the sink goes in. Unfortunately, it looks like we have a lot of time before that happens.


At the risk of sounding TOO whiney – this whole “not having a kitchen” thing is getting old. This is a huge inconvenience, but I’ve done it to myself, and in the end we will have a MUCH improved kitchen. It’s a sacrifice I’m begrudgingly willing to make.

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