Drywall & Flooring: Days 3 & 4

It looks super dirty because it's still a work in progress.

It looks super dirty because it’s still a work in progress.

Nothing too exciting on day three. On Wednesday, the drywall went up. The seams still need to be gone over, but it looks pretty good. They also had to put some gray goop on the floor to level it out a little bit. (What, can you not tell by my expert vocabulary that I’m highly knowledgeable in this area?) Today the tiles went down. There’s no grout yet, so that will be finished up tomorrow.

To my understanding, they were going to paint before they tiled so that they wouldn’t have to be so careful about not getting paint on the floor, which seems really lazy as I type it, but sounded like it made sense at the time. I guess I was wrong. It makes do difference to me as long as there is no paint on the floor at the end of this project.

As you can see, we went with a dark tile. In part because the rest of the kitchen will be light, but also because dark tile means dark grout and I hate cleaning tile grout. It’s Energie Ker in “Area Black” we got it for $4.98/sq foot from  Sherwood Tile & Granite in Newburgh. I want to take the opportunity to recommend them. Everyone was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. And they were selling this tile for more than 50% less than another competitor in the area.

While I’m giving out tile advice… Don’t even go to Home Depot unless you want dated, brown tiles. There was very little variety in their selection. They even had what I can only refer  to as “Pizza Hut” tile. Picture yourself in a Pizza Hut. Now look down at your feet. Do you see 10 inch, reddish brown, solid squares with a super thick, black grout line? Something that went out of style in the 80’s? Yeah, that’s the stuff. Home Depot has that!)

Anyway. We made an appointment with the countertop company to template the countertops on one week from today, so hopefully by then we’ll have cabinets and appliances up and running.

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