Electric & Plumbing – Day 2

Do you want to know what a $450 dollar piece of pipe looks like?


See that horizontal black PVC pipe? At $450 a pop, I’m surprised hoodlums steal copper pipes and wires, but leave these bad boys behind.

The plumber says “So, we’re fixing this too, right?” when he comes in. Turns out there is some rust build up on the outside of the waste drain pipe from the tub in the upstairs bathroom that is perfectly visible in the kitchen wall. Rust = leak, so it had to be replaced. For over $100 per foot. All we wanted was to move the sink about 4 feet over, so that it would be under the window, like in a normal kitchen. At least the electric has been going without a hitch so far (moving several outlets so that they actually make sense.)

The house is really too small for me to take a picture of the scope of this.

The house is really too small for me to take a picture of the scope of this. It’s about 130 boxes.

We thought we were living cramped before, with all of our food and dishes in the living room. We were stupid and wrong. Today we got the delivery of the cabinets and appliances.  It’s everywhere. We’ll be spending our spare time in the basement watching a CRT-TV that is hooked up to a DVD player, even though the only DVD’s we have easily accessible  are the Simpsons (seasons 2-7).

Tomorrow they level the floor, inventory the 127 boxes currently inhibiting the use of our dining room, and put new drywall up.

2 thoughts on “Electric & Plumbing – Day 2

  1. Bummer about the leaking pipe, but at least the leak was discovered when the wall was open and not when brand new kitchen was installed.

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