Prep & Demo – Day 1

It was gorgeous out on Sunday, but who would want to go outside when you could be spending countless hours emptying the entire contents of your kitchen into your living space? No one, that’s who!

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Our dining room table had to be relocated to our living room in order to make room for the cabinets, which are being delivered tomorrow. On, under, and around our dining room (now living room) table is our food, kitchen appliances, silverware, glasses, and glassware. In the family room we have our dishes, bakeware, serving dishes, measuring cups & spoons. Our kitchen is not big – only 9×10, but you don’t realize how much stuff you have in there until you have to move it piece by piece.

We didn’t want to go without a refrigerator, so we relocated it to the garage until after the floors are installed sometime this week. Our refrigerator is SO disgusting. It really sickens me to think that we’ve been ingesting food that has been within 10 feet of it. I will spare you the picture, mostly because I don’t want you judging me, but know that we should’ve replaced the fridge on day one.

I wish I could’ve taken a picture of our contractor taking a sludge hammer to the cabinets, but unfortunately, I had to go to work. When I came home, the kitchen was torn away – down to the studs in most places. A “curb alert” on craigslist will hopefully clear the old appliances out of our garage on saturday and, barring any major catastrophe, we should have floors at the end of the week!

Cabinets are being delivered tomorrow! Too bad that all they’ll do for a week is sit in flat boxes and take up precious dining room space. In the mean time, I’m eating all my meals on the couch like a boss.

My thought on the day: You know when kitchen renovation feels real? When you have to use your bathroom sink for all of your sink-related needs.

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