Kitchen Remodel (Part One of Many)

This is a view from the kitchen through the pass through from the dining room.

This is a view from the kitchen through the pass through from the dining room.

As promised, I’m only updating about notable projects. If an entire kitchen remodel doesn’t qualify, nothing else will. I’ll be posting along the way, so you can watch us as we spend tons of money ordering cabinetry, demo the kitchen, eat take out for a week, and hopefully finish the project with 50% of both our sanity and savings account remaining.

The kitchen photographs unrealistically well. In truth, please know that our kitchen has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  Here are my gripes/what we’re changing:

  • It’s small (unfortunately, this will remain the case)
  • Wall cabinets are only 30″, leaving unused space near the ceiling
  • The cabinets are not at a uniform depth or height
  • They also don’t close because they’re homemade
  • Also they’re bowing. And ugly.
  • They literally fall apart in your hand, people. Several have been super-glued. Are you getting this picture? The cabinets are junk.
  • Countertops are laminate, and are slanted towards the floor. You have to lift the countertop up to open the dishwasher. You can’t put a rolling pin down without it rolling onto the floor – with considerable momentum.
  • Lack of counter space due to a poor floor plan
  • Floor tiles and back splash are cracked
  • Refrigerator doesn’t pull closed. Doesn’t make ice and is rusting
  • Stove ignitions don’t light. You need to use a lighter for two burners.

Basically, EVERYTHING MUST GO! Including the kitchen sink. Here’s what we’re keeping…

  • Microwave
  • Light fixture

Know why? Because we’ve already had to replace them. You may have forgotten, but when we bought the house there were no light fixtures. We didn’t even “re”place it. We just placed. it. The microwave was gifted to us by a friend who was moving and had no need for their wall-mounted microwave, so we lucked out there. This kitchen is a large part of the reason we bought this house for $90K less than our neighbors bought theirs only a few months earlier.

I’m headed to the store this week to put in the order. We’re hoping to be done by mid-May. Let’s see if we can stay true to that timeline. Wish us luck!

One thought on “Kitchen Remodel (Part One of Many)

  1. I must admit those are/ were the worst cabinets I have come across. And that includes old metal ones. You deserve a wonderful new kitchen.

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