Our Other Newest Family Member

After we brought Leela home, it took us about 5 minutes to realize that our vacuum cleaner wasn’t up the challenge. Our old Bissell was mine from college, probably 2004. It was never amazing, but it had been adequate up to this point. Already covered from  head to toe in dog hair, we decided on a factory reconditioned Dyson DC28 Animal.

It cost a pretty penny, ($600 new) but since we went with a refurbished model and  have an amazon credit card, our rewards covered most of it. It picked up a horrifying amount of pet hair and dust on the 4’x6′ shag rug in our living room.


  • It was crazy expensive
  • It’s heavy, and we have lots of stairs
  • Unnecessary complexity matched only by Japanese toilets


  • It sucks up everything
  • It’s relatively quiet
  • Lifetime filters
  • It  reminds me of this:

    The Suck-O-Matic from the 90’s cartoon “Rocko’s Modern Life” was a vacuum cleaner that sucked up entire neighborhoods


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