New Closet Floors

As stated previously, I’m not much for outdoor chores. So, despite the fact that I have a lengthy summer-specific to-do list on my hands, I started in on a project that be done safely from the comfort of indoors. What can I say, it was calling to me.

The master bedroom is a converted attic space, so at some point someone thought it was a good idea to add dwarf closets. When we moved in, they looked like this:

Dwarf Closet Before

Please note the hanging mirror doors, funky carpet, and tacky chandelier. Here’s a more recent before shot:

What my closet looked like Sunday morning

The mirror doors had to go right away. With the layout of the room, the only place the bed could go is right in front of these mirrors, which are eye level when you’re laying in bed. No. It’s creepy and weird, and I won’t have it. They were easy enough to unhang and replace with a curtain. When we first bought the house, we had more pressing issues to resolve. No light fixtures in the house, broken washing machine, and questionably functioning toilets. Replacing carpets in the closet fell rather low on the priority list – but not this weekend!

I was all set to cut up some scrap carpet, the same that I’d used for the guest room closet, when I got to thinking. “Hey, these floors in the closet are just wood subfloor, not hardwood,” I thought unto myself, “Maybe I can install some laminate flooring. People on home improvement TV shows are always yammering about how cheap and easy that stuff is. I’ll do it myself!” I crunched some numbers. Less than $100 for both closets, whose floors space is around 25 sq. ft. total. Not bad. “I’m a woman without a summer job but with $100. Let’s do it.”

In my head, it was a weekend project. Did you know that after you buy laminate you have to sit and stare at it for 48 hours before you install it? That turned my weekend project into a weekday project. But that’s OK, because by Tuesday night the closet looked like this:

Closet floor after!

I think my favorite part was that I did it all by myself. I used an assortment of power tools. An assortment. And because it was just a closet, the project was very forgiving.  All in all, a success!

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