Summertime To-Do’s

There are a lot of big goals I have for the outside of the house. Replacing the front steps so that they’re level, evenly spaced, and connect to the driveway. Replacing the wood siding with vinyl. Removing the two trees whose roots invade our plumbing.  Replacing or refurbishing the back patio. These could all easily be done over the summer….if we were made of money. They’ll all have to wait. Probably for a few years. Let’s focus on some achievable summer goals, now that I’m out of school for the year!

  • Fix the fence
  • Clear debris from back yard
  • Tear down & replace shed
  • Repair Central Air compressor
  • Remove the small tree stump in the front yard
  • Nag town about the constant stream of water in front of our house
  • Paint the front door

As far as the inside of the house goes, my list of goals is much shorter….

  • Repaint Tetris bookshelves
  • Work on the bathroom rug
  • Deep cleaning (tile grout, behind appliances, etc.)

We’ll see how much of this is actually accomplished by the time I go back to school!

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