Pinterest Cleaning Tip Experiment

A bathtub cleaning tip keeps showing up in my pinterest feed. It instructs you to combine 1/2 cup warm vinegar and 1/2 cup blue dawn dish soap (why it’s color would matter, I don’t know). You spray it on the tub, let it sit for 1-2 hours, wipe it off, and rinse. The picture paired with these instructions were pretty dramatic. I’m a little bit skeptical.


Fig. 1: The pinterest photo in question

I think the scientific method can solve this problem for me. (This experiment brought to you by fourth grade science class!)


Is the vinegar and dawn solution as effective at cleaning the tub as the pinterest photo suggests?


I predict that the answer to the above question is “no.” If I follow the pinterest cleaning tip, then I will see less dramatic results than those on pinterest. The pinterest “before” tub looks so filthy to me that I would not comfortably bathe in it.  My usual routine of wiping the tub down with Fantastik every couple weeks means that because my tub is cleaner to begin with, the results will be less impressive. I think the tub will be cleaner, but not markedly so.


  1. Take a “before” photo of the tub
  2. Heat 1/2c white vinegar in microwave
  3. Gently mix in 1/2c blue Dawn dishsoap (mine is kind of turquoise, but I suppose it will do)
  4. Spray solution on the tub
  5. Wait 1.5 hours
  6. Wipe tub with sponge
  7. Spray excess off with water
  8. Take an “after” photo of the tub


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  • The before and after pictures look so similar, that I had to check the chronological order that the photos were taken to confirm that they were appropriately labeled.
  • Though the claim was that there was no scrubbing required, I did indeed scrub
  • To call it “marginally clean” would be generous, especially on the  textured portion of the floor (an area I’ve never successfully cleaned to my satisfaction)
  • Entire house reeked of vinegar all day


My hypothesis was correct, but I gave the cleaning solution too much credit. The solution appears to have barely worked, if at all. (Perhaps my dish soap was not blue enough.) Additionally, it took longer than my typical method, still required scrubbing, and stunk up the whole house. Whether it is at least cheaper remains to be determined. For this to have been a true experiment, I would need the control of a  second, equally dirty tub with which I would have cleaned with my typical cleaner.  In conclusion, pinterest has failed me.

A new hypothesis: the picture from pinterest, if not digitally altered, must have been taken of a tub that had never been cleaned in its lifetime.

One thought on “Pinterest Cleaning Tip Experiment

  1. Stinking up your house probably started when you put the vinegar in your microwave. I find that my squeegee does the best, non-chemical job of keeping the tub/sliding doors clean – get rid of the water droplets, and you’re more than half-way to clean! And that seemed like a hell of a lot of dish detergent – blue or otherwise! I advocate using the dd to dry up creeping poison ivy on your hands (from a previous post you made!) Also, that net thing hanging in your bathtub is really effective in cleaning the tub, especially while you’re taking a shower.

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