Cool as a Cucumber: The A/C is fixed!

Our old A/C unit. The white stuff at the bottom is actually rotten. No hope of salvaging it.

We’ve had some 95+ days around here, and I’ve been spending them in the bedroom with the window air unit on and the door closed because our central A/C was broken. The repairman I hired came out and gave us an estimate. It was nice that he walked us through how the unit works and what exactly was broken. Here’s an expert tip: your compressor unit should not flake off into your hands when you touch it. In addition to a new compressor, we would also need an air filter and a condensation pump. We took the $2,600 estimate under advisement.

A few days of lazy comparative shopping later, we made an appointment. Things did not go as planned. The repairman arrived around 9:45 and stayed until 2:00 – this was supposed to be a two hour job. As it turns out, when you turn your new A/C unit on, it should not cause exposed wires in the basement to explode. The repairman, Scott, left  us without a working A/C. But he knew an electrician. In the Bronx.

The electrician called me at about 6:30, and came over right away. $150 later, we have a repaired wire under the floorboard of the family room. The electrician was done around 7:30. I called Scott, the A/C guy. I asked him if he could come over tomorrow to finish up, now that the unit had power. His words, “Well, you see, I’m really booked tomorrow, I’ m not sure if I’m going to be able to make it….how late are you guys up at night?” Scott ended up coming over to our house at about 10:15pm, which I really appreciate. This time his visit was really quick. I paid him his ridiculous amount of money,and hoped that I’d never have to see him again.

We haven’t had the chance to put this baby to the test. I really hope she works!

Two days into my summer vacation, and I’m already $2,750 poorer. At this rate, I’ll be broke by next week.  At least I’ll be cool.

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