Broken A/C

Our central air is broken! It’s going to cost $2600 to replace the outside condenser unit and the condensation pump inside. I don’t know what’s actually not working. Something about freon, blah blah blah, I have only a cursory understanding of how this  stuff even works. The point is, we’re going to have to be out a ton of money. In the mean time, we have a window unit upstairs in the master bedroom. Over the past couple weeks, any activity that I can do in the bedroom, has been done there. Paying bills? Folding laundry? Eating meals? Yes, yes, yes. When it’s 90 degrees in your dining room, and 75 in your bedroom, eating meals in your bed starts sounding like a pretty good option.


The good news is that I just got my big summer check, so hopefully that will mitigate the pain that writing the giant check will inflict.

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