Back Yard Update

As mentioned in the past, when we bought our house, the back yard was a major area of concern. I assume it was a major reason why the house had been on the market for so long. It was swampy, strewn with the remains of both an above ground pool and a coy pond. It’s been cleaned up, grass has been planted, and water has been drained. As it stands now, we have a ditch along the north side of the lawn filled with gravel. Out contractor would like to leave it this way, and I’m sure it provides the best drainage possible, but It’s a bit of an eyesore. We talked about putting some mesh over the gravel and planting some grass, but we have some concerns about that. First, the grass would likely die without the soil necessary to take root. Second, if it will compromise the effectiveness of the drainage system, then our whole back yard will be useless again. Maybe planting some shrubs or wild grassesor something nearby along that whole edge of the yard. I’m open to advice from more knowlegable sources! In the mean time, here’s what our back yard looks like.

No pool or pond remains!

We cut the bamboo down, but after a week it not only comes back, but grows to about three feet tall.

A good view of the drainage ditch. To cover or not to cover?

View from the back door

This is what is hiding in the back corner of the yard. You can’t even see it in the shadows of the other pictures.

Can you see the fence in this picture? It’s collapsing.  There is still SO much work to be done!

View from the collapsing fence. Can you see Evan in the doorway?

And finally, for comparison’s sake, some “before” pictures.



Some say “Coy Pond” others say “Wet Garbage Pit”

2 thoughts on “Back Yard Update

  1. well, what an improvement – from the befores to the afters! If you really want your backyard to be a hub of activity, you need to put in horseshoe pits. Maybe right next to your drainage gravel… I can’t tell if your yard will accommodate bocci and/or badminton. If all you’re interested in is “drinks on the veranda” it’s lookin’ good already! Evan can try his masonry skills and build you a brick or laid-up stone outdoor grill. So many projects…

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