Springtime Surprises

This year we have the unique experience of watching our yard bloom as the seasons unfold without any knowledge of what is to come. It’s crazy how quickly some plants blossom. It seems that one day you leave to go to work, and when you come back, the landscape of your yard has changed. We’ve seen four surprises so far. Some good, some bad.

Surprise #1: Hostas

Turns out we have several Hosta plants in our back yard! Most are in a row along the fence near the patio, but there are a few that are separated and under a tree. This was a pleasant surprise, indeed!


Surprise #2: Flowering Tree

Well, the tree itself is not the surprise – it’s gigantic and impossible to miss, but the flowers were unexpected! I looked outside the window of our upstairs bathroom to find flowers at eye level! I suspect that it is some sort of Magnolia tree, but if anyone with greater knowledge on the topic would like to chime in, I would welcome it.  It’s a mature tree, much taller than our house.

Tree flowers. The tree is too large to get a picture of the whole thing.

Surprise #3: Deer!

I have lived in this village for 5 years and I have never seen a deer anywhere. I was so shocked when I found it in our back yard that I took a picture, even though I was already running late for work. I was worried it would eat the flowers we recently planted in our front lawn. I thought we’d escaped unscathed when, the next day, I noticed that some of our “surprise #1” Hosta plants had fallen victim to our new forrest animal friend.

I would be lying if I told you that I didn’t wake Evan up to tell him about  Bambi.

Victim Hostas

Surprise #4: Poison Ivy

This one belongs squarely in the “bad news” category for obvious reasons. The ivy is actually growing as a long vine up a tree next to our mailbox in the front yard. I am so allergic to this stuff, I don’t even have to come in physical contact   to suffer the wrath of the ivy. Evan’s on his own for this one. I assume it will require cutting the vine and dousing the remains with a horribly toxic chemical.  Have at it!

I had to get closer to this Ivy than I would have liked in order to take this picture, and it turned out to be a really crappy picture. So not worth it.

2 thoughts on “Springtime Surprises

  1. You have a tulip tree – a type of magnolia, as you said. The hosta plants are very attractive to deer – I would have put the deer on your bad list along with the poison ivy. They’ll eat your hostas to the ground. I put things around mine to keep the deer away – you can lay chicken wire down around them – the deer don’t like to walk on it, and there’s other tricks too. (But I also have to get to work.)

  2. Thanks for the tips! The yard has a fence, so hopefully after we repair it, the deer won’t be an issue! Thanks for the ID on the tree, that’s the kind of thing you really can’t google!

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