Weekend Project: Closet Carpet

This is the "after" picture. Don't worry, we have closet doors, I just hadn't rehung them. Also, if anyone could show me how to fold fitted sheets, this closet would look a lot more pulled together.

For the last several years I’ve been the proud  owner  reluctant inheritor of a huge (maybe 9’x11′) hunter green rug. The quality of the rug is excellent. It was used by my brother for his freshman year in college, but in 2007 it was like new. While I love the quality, I hate the color. When we moved into our new house, I refused to furnish any room with it. At the same time, it was a nice rug. Even though I can’t stand the color of it, it seemed too nice for the curb. So it’s been living in our garage. In the mean time, our house has hardwoods, and the only carpet when we moved in was in all of the bedroom closets. The carpets are nasty, but in the rush to move in, replacing them fell off the priority list.

On a directly related note, lately I’ve noticed a musty smelly emanating from the guest room when the door has been closed for a few days. Since the room has been painted, I knew it could only be one thing. I emptied the closet and tore up the rug. There were very stubborn carpet tacks every six inches or so. Carpet tacks are proof that the devils exists. Once the tacks begrudgingly released their grip on the floor, I swept and mopped. It was gross under there; I found a checker! I which I could say that the floors were in excellent condition, so I hung the closet doors back up, dusted my hands off and walked away, but sadly  it wasn’t so. I cut up a piece of the ugly green carpet and put it in the closet. It’s not secured to the floor because eventually we need to paint inside the closet, another project that didn’t make the “A” list before move-in date.

There are three other closets in the house that could use this treatment, but I think I can only handle one per weekend. The list of things to work on in this house doesn’t get shorter, it just slowly changes.

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