Long Term Craft Project: Bathroom Rug

Even though we don’t have any money for a bathroom renovation, I’ve made my opinion on our current bathroom known. The plan is a slow transformation to a more modern commode. I already bought the shower curtain, so I’m about half way there, right?  I want to do a white and gray bathroom, and I saw this interesting craft on pinterest. It’s a latch hook rug made from old t-shirts. “We have old t-shirts!” I said to myself. “I already know how to latch hook!” and finally, “I can do this!”

I had no idea how many t-shirts it would take, but I decided to take a few strips of t-shirt to try it so that I could extrapolate an estimate. Basically, it didn’t take me long to figure out that there was a reason no one else had been latch hooking with jersey knit before. It’s way to stretchy; it was a struggle that I couldn’t see myself having a seemingly infinite number of times. Also I needed about 30 more white t-shirts. This was not going well.

So I decided to make it out of yarn because that’s what people already latch hook with. I chose a nice gray thick yarn, 50% wool, 50% acrylic. The yarn costs about $5 a skein. I cut the first skein up into 2 1/2 to 3 inch pieces and latch hooked the crap out of it. It took a long time and when I looked at the rug, I realized just how much yarn I’m going to need. Right now I’m through 3 skeins. I’ve spent hours and hours latch hooking, and  I’m an abysmal  15% of the way through the rug. I estimate I’ll need 16-18 skeins. At $5 a pop this is rug is going to cost me about $90 to make! Ouch. It hurts. This has just become extremely cost and time inefficient.

My pathetic rug "progress" - Exactly 3 skeins of yarn.

The good news is that I only do it when I’d otherwise be sitting around watching TV and doing nothing. Making a rug is  so tetious that I imagine that the bathroom will be all redone by the time I’m actually finished making the damn thing. At this point, I really believe this will be the last piece of the puzzle. Also, it will be a nice, high quality rug when it’s finished. It’s so soft and fuzzy. It reminds me of a poodle.

At least I'm not spending all this time and money making a CRAPPY rug

You’ll probably here from me about this rug in about three years, when I expect to finally be done with it!

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