Look Mom, I’m Gardening!

This is before I planted the seeds, people! I know you can't just throw the bag of seeds in the pot!

Ok, I’m not really gardening. I got a little windowsill style planter. I planted some basil, parsley, and oregano in the finest soil money can buy (ie. the dirt from the back yard). I’m a little confused about where to put it. We don’t have a windowsill in the kitchen. The handy packaging tells me that these little plants need lots of direct sunlight, and our kitchen doesn’t get much of that. So…. it’s in the living room. Is that weird? It seems weird to me, to be growing vegetables in your living room. But the only thing I ever grow is the hair on my head, so what do I know.  I feel like second graders who plant grass in wet paper towels inside of  styrofoam cups have greener thumbs than me.

All right, this craft ran me about $9.00. We’ll see if she pays off.

For fun, because I know that anyone who would actually answer this poll would also speak to me in person about this, rendering the poll useless….

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