Cue the “Funeral March”

We met with a contracter about our back yard. It’s pretty swampy back there and then plan is to dry it up. This includes draining water, since the lawn is pitched towards the house. It also entails filling a “water feature” that is a coy pond. Just the other day, we were very surprised to discover a fish living in it!

Before reading any further, I humbly suggest that you play the below video. This post deserves some mood music.

Here’s the rough timeline of events:

Sunday: Meet with contracter. Verbally agree on price & plan. Evan and I expect further communication about a contract in writing.

Monday: Business as usual. I go to work while it’s still dark, come home after dark

Tuesday: Evan looks outside of the bathroom window while showering. The yard work has begun! The hole is full!

(Did you play the music? Play the music!) We hadn’t developed an escape plan for old Nessie, our resident coy. I’m not a fish fan by any means, but do feel badly. I guess she was burried alive. Now we have a fish ghost haunting our house. RIP Nessie.

Here are some pictures of the current back yard situation:

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