Mystery Pit Surprise

"Mystery Pit" Photo (taken in October)

When we have visitors over and show them the house, the back yard is inevitably the low point of the tour. Between the ripped up patio, sandy pool patch, back yard mystery pit, caving fence, collapsing shed, and general murkiness,  there are not a lot of redeeming qualities.

In the giant hole, I’d say it’s a probably an 8 foot round hole, there is a lot of water. The hole is covered in plywood and fence pieces, and has been there so long that grass has actually grown on top of the debris. The hole looks man made; there are cement bricks and a wooden post with an outlet. Now that the weather has improved and we’re looking at having a contracter in to address some of our *ahem* problems, Evan went to further investigate the hole. Moving only a piece or two of the plywood aside, he stuck a stick in to determine the depth. It’s only a few feet. But he made another discovery…

Artist's Rendering

He said to me “I found a fish in the pit back there!” I said, “That’s disgusting. I wonder how long its been dead.” And, this is the bigger shocker to me, “No, it’s alive.” Alive! This fish had to be unattended for at least three years! How can this be so?  I asked him why he didn’t take a picture, but Evan explained that the fish swam away too quickly.

I went to the back yard myself, camera phone in hand, to get some proof. Not that I didn’t believe Evan, but really, when was the last time you found a living  fish in your abandoned yard? What’s that you say? Not recently? Me neither.

Much to my disappointment, I could not find the fish. Most of the “pond” is still covered with plywood. I can imagine after so long without daylight that she may not be quick to reveal herself again. The illusive fish, who I’ve since named Nessie (for obvious reasons) remains at large for now.

With plans to fill the “pond” underway, Nessie is too big to be flushed down the toilet. a plan for her capture has not been yet devised.

3 thoughts on “Mystery Pit Surprise

  1. Thoroughly enjoying reading your blog Christine…WAY funny!! It was great seeing you and meeting Evan this week in NYC!

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