Slow Motion Bathroom Redo – Step 1

Shower Curtain Before

The other week I posted about how much I can’t stand our full bathroom. I most vehemently hate the tiles. But the little things make a difference too. Our bathroom has a window in it, so I bought a new shower curtain that is sheer on top, the thought being that maybe we’ll get a little more light in the bathroom. Also I was ready to be done with our monkey shower curtain phase. (Don’t get me wrong, I love cute stuff that looks like it must be for children) but the monkey shower curtain really just wasn’t jiving.  Let’s see….


New Shower Curtain!

I know that it’s creased from the packaging and could definitely stand to be ironed, but don’t hate on me. When was the last time you ironed a shower curtain?  Also, the picture is taken at night because the daylight shone through way too much. The bathroom looked great, but the photo looked terrible.

And now a personal pet-peeve…

Brushed metal curtain rod with polished metal rings!

I don’t like the mis-matched metal, but I’m probably the only freak who would ever even notice. Sometimes you just have to let the little things slide.

Overall, there is more light in the bathroom with a more mature look. Mission accomplished.


One thought on “Slow Motion Bathroom Redo – Step 1

  1. Now that your monkey shower curtain is gone…I may never be able to shower there again. R.i.p. monkeys and nessie. Good idea though letting the natural light in!

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