Ceiling Fan Progress Report

You know how sometimes when there is a mess in your house, if it’s that way long enough, you don’t even see it anymore? Think about, for example, the top of your refrigerator. It kind of blends into the landscape. It falls of your list of things to do until you really don’t even notice it there. It’s only when you have new guest coming over that you can see your home with new eyes. I don’t want my projects to become that way. When I first walked into the bedrooms of this house, one of my initial thoughts was, “Holy ceiling fan, that has got to go.” And while we’ve accomplished a lot of good things, I don’t want certain areas to slip into the background. I want to maintain perspective. I don’t want my whole house to turn into the top of my fridge. Hence: my third, and probably not final, post about ceiling fans. Details, details, people! I think the pictures tell the story best.


So, regarding the last photo. I feel like a bad guy on Scooby-Doo. “And I woulda got away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!” Our plan to have a nice looking ceiling fan is FOILED by an electrical box that actually protrudes from the ceiling. The electrical box is where it is and cannot be moved. A friend suggested a ceiling medallion, but those are designed to go flush to the fan, so I don’t think that would help. We’re thinking we may have to fashion some sort of sleeve.

To be continued…..

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