Slow Motion Bathroom Redo

So our bathroom is pretty ugly. It’s got these ugly pinkish fake stone tiles. At first you might say “That’s not so bad” but take a closer look. There’s no variation at all in the tiles. They’re not even rotated. Occasionally there’s one with an ugly leafy impression on it. I can think of nothing else when I shower. Also, you’re going to have to take my word that the floor tile is just as bad.

This picture has no redeeming qualities

But alas, redoing the ugly bathroom is a want and not a need. Our kitchen requires actual attention – our cabinets are bowing and do not close. Our backyard has a pit of water covered in plywood. Our fence is falling over. To be short, there are more urgent needs.

But can we nickel and dime our way to a nicer bathroom?

What we’ve already done in the bathroom

  • Replaced ugly toilet seat ($20)
  • Installed a shower curtain rod ($20)
  • Replaced vanity mirror ($60)
  • Replaced vanity light fixture ($15)
  • Replaced the shower curtain ($25 in gift card money)  – post to follow

Little projects I’d like to do here and there

  • DIY a new bathroom rug (Post to follow!)
  • Replace towel rack, toilet paper holder  ($20)
  • Install a few shelves ($60)
  • Hang art on the wall ($???)
  • Replace sink (this had been on sale for $300, so we’ll wait for the price to drop again)
  • Get sink hardware (Hopefully $70)
  • Replace tile (Hopefully under $200 if we DIY)
  • Repaint ($50 or so)

Admittedly replacing the tile would not be a “little project” but I think the rest can be done slowly over time. $20 here and $70 there shouldn’t be a huge deal. The sink vanity and the tiles/supplies are going to be the biggest and most expensive projects. But they will come last and hopefully if we go slow we’ll be able to do it all. As you can see by the links, I practically have the whole bathroom planned out.

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