Ahhhhh! Closet Organization!

I’ve been busy getting down to business in the closets. Evan has too. Here are the results! I don’t know how well the pictures capture how much cleaner and organized things look, but they’re the best I can do.

Office Closet

The problem: Instead of properly unpacking, Evan was so busy with fixing up the house, he ended up throwing a lot of stuff into this closet.

The solution: clearing out what turned out to be a lot of empty boxes, selling some old electronics, organizing and labeling some plastic bins.

The Guest Room Closet

The problem: We’re keeping sheets, extra blankets, and gift wrapping supplies in this closet. There are two curtain rods and no shelves.

The solution: For about $25 I bought some snap together crates that provide good temporary shelving. I removed the lower curtain rod to make room for them, and we ended up freeing one of those precious plastic storage bins!

This may be the first time in my life that all of the closets in my home are basically organized. It’s a fantastic feeling, I must say.

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