Goodbye, 1980’s Era Toilet Seat!

Can you BELIEVE that this classy toilet seat is lo longer commercially available!?

We’ve made a few great improvements to the full bathroom since we’ve moved in. Among those include installing a shower curtain rod, and replacing the bathroom cabinet with the chipped mirror front. We’re by no means done renovating the bathroom, however, I’m ashamed to admit that there is one particular issue that we had not yet addressed up to this point.

Replacing the clam shell-style toilet seat. For one thing, it was really ugly. I imagine that the toilet in the Golden Girls’ home looks like ours. But that aside, it was beyond cleaning. It didn’t apear that way to the unsuspecting (female) eye, but under the toilet seat was color that could only be described as filthily disgusting.  And  it preceded Evan and I. It’s not our filth. It’s mystery filth. (Well I guess the content of the scum is not a HUGE mystery, but you get the idea). That fact alone adds a whole other layer of ickiness. No amount of harsh chemical cleaners could remedy the situation. A new toilet seat cost us in the neighborhood of $20 bucks, which is why it’s all the more desturbing that we’ve been putting up with the gnarly toilet seat for so long.

What a difference $20 and 5 minutes makes.

Before: I'm not sure the picture really captures it

After! What a difference!

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