Ceiling Fan Enlightenment

This fan costs $30!!!

Admittedly, I hadn’t looked into it, but  I assumed that ceiling fans were fairly expensive. Maybe it’s related to the fact that I also  feel like they’re also complicated to install.

I’d wanted to replace the three hideous ceiling fans in our home with something a little bit more discrete. It is definitely not an urgent issue, the ceiling fans all work and replacing them would be strictly cosmetic. I thought it was something we’d have to save a little for. I was shocked today, when I stumbled upon a ceiling fan at home depot.com.

Did everyone else know that $30 will buy you a ceiling fan? The fan pictured to the right will even hide the ugly CFL’s I’d have to put inside! I’ve had family and friends over! How come no one ever told me! I feel like I needed a ceiling fan intervention!

This is what we're working with right now

In case you can’t tell from the current picture of the stairs leading up to the bedroom, that is a shiny gold ceiling fan with 5 less-than-lovely dark wood “style” blades, and ornate yellowish glass lampshades. So, should we change the ceiling fans out?



Arguments in favor:

  • They’re REALLY ugly and dated
  • It would cost only $100 to replace all three
  • Since the wiring is already there, it would be relatively easy
  • Project can be completed during winter months (unlike the many outdoor projects that will require attention in the spring)

Arguments opposed:

  • The ceiling fans work
  • $100 could be saved for a bigger, more necessary project like landscaping or a kitchen renovation.

What do you think?

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