Project Idea Realized: Window Treatments

A little over a week ago I discovered a crafty way to come up with some window treatments for the guest room. You can read all about that here. I ordered the fabric online and when it arrived I was so excited that I started tearing the blinds off the wall before I even removed my coat. I was so excited, in fact, that even though there is a relatively small window in the room, I decided to work on the 6-foot window first. I’m just full of great ideas! Let me tell you how it went…

First of all, in order to understand the scope of the situation, you’ll need to see a before picture.

"Before" Window

Ok. The first thing that I needed to do was to shorten the length of the blinds to match the window. As you can see in the picture below, they were much too long. They extend right to the floor. I’d also like to point out that you can noticeably see the grimy difference between the shades that have been exposed to the nastiness of the room, and the shades that have been, up until now, bunched up safely at the bottom of the window.

I'm so glad that this picture is in my past and no longer my present.

So, according to my sources on the internet, in order to shorten the blinds you need to remove the “plugs” at bottom of the blinds with a screwdriver. This did not go according to plan. The plastic was so old and dry, that it actually crumbled in my hands, no screwdriver necessary. (see below)

I ruined everything! Christmas is cancelled!

In the face of adversity, I soldiered on….

The next step was to remove the unnecessary slats of the blinds, and cut the “ladder” strings. Easy!

"Let's take out all of the clean, usable parts and make sure to keep the gross pieces!"

It is precisely at this point which I realize that I will need to remove the blinds from the wall; the instructions for simply shortening the blinds did not include this step. Let’s fast forward through the 30 minutes it took me to pry the blinds off of the snap-in brackets. This, by the way, was easily the most technically challenging part of the whole process. It was no small accomplishment. After I wrested the blinds off the wall, I placed them flat on the floor on top of the fabric. I then replaced the nasty slats with a few salvageable pieces from the bottom portion of the blinds.

Almost there!

I carefully and evenly spaced out the blinds. I glued the fabric to the blinds, avoiding the pull string. I MacGyvered a solution for the destroyed plug by using a hole-punched embroidery floss bobbin and a nail.

Can you see the nail set inside there?

I then trimmed the bobbin with a pair of scissors. Genius, right?

I’m pretty proud of this solution, I have to admit. it’s not as flush as the plug would have been, but its still flat enough for the fabric to fold over and essentially hide the problem. This happened with all six plugs, so I guess I was lucky I had a lot of those bobbins laying around.

After everything is glued together, you have to wait about 24 hours for your project to dry. Do not – I repeat – DO NOT let your project dry on a rug, or else you WILL glue your curtain to your rug. And that’s a guarantee based on personal experience, people!

After carefully separating your new shade from your rug, you snap it back onto it’s bracket, hold your breath, pull the cord, and see if it works….

Here's the smaller window "after"

The large window after!

They look good closed too!

This craft cost  me about $35, for fabric and glue. It could have been done cheaper if I hadn’t decided on a “designer” fabric. Over all, not a bad price considering that for a 6′ window, I would have had to spend much more for pretty much anything else. Thanks to Little Green Notebook for showing me how it’s done!


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