Project Idea: Window Treatments

Guest Room

One thing that our home is currently lacking in nearly every room is some form of window treatment. Our neighbors probably abhor what they’ve been spying on though shade-less windows. Many of the rooms have those cheap metal blinds, which we would use, except for that they’re gross. They’re gross in a way that cleaning probably won’t fix. The blinds are all the right width, but every window has blinds that are way to long, extending all the way to the floor.

An idea! Thank to pinterest, I was able to come up with some pretty nifty ideas.

First, we’re going to have to shorten the blinds to a reasonable length. Googling “how to shorten mini blinds” lead me right to this.  Home run.

Then, you basically remove several of the shades, and glue some fabric on it, like so. Picture (and tutorial) can be found here.

The result is something that looks like this:

I did some searching, and I found a fabric that I think will be great for our guest room. I wanted it to be something mostly neutral-Lord knows that the color of the walls is quite enough in that room. But I did want it to match and look modern. This print from Waverly is what I’m thinking about now.

I haven’t taken the plunge yet, in case I find another fabric that I like better. This fabric is about $13/yard and I’ll need 3 yards.  Somehow I feel accomplished just having thought about doing this, because up until now I didn’t know what I even wanted for window treatments.

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