New Year’s Resolutions/List-O-Mania

A preface: this post has a lot of lists in it, so for your listening pleasure I’m linking you to the youtube video of a song I enjoy:

It’s by Pheonix and it’s called Lisztomania, which is is not a reference to lists, but to French composer Franz Liszt…but whose keeping track?

Moving on…

New Year’s is a great if not cliche time of year to re-evaluate your current situation, set some positive goals, and begin working towards them. I don’t usually do New Year’s Resolutions, but I do have some house-related goals. You can check out our long-term goals on the to-do list page, but for our purposes right now, let’s talk about goals for 2012!


  1. Repair office door (it currently doesn’t close all the way)
  2. Paint front door
  3. Save $$$ for kitchen renovation
  4. Organize guest room and office closets
  5. Hang artwork in bathrooms
  6. Organize tool storage area


  1. Spend thousands of dollars to repair hole in back yard
  2. Solve water drainage issue in front of the house (Currently we have a 24/7 stream at the end of our driveway)
  3. Repair bluestone patio
  4. Buy patio furniture
  5. Clear debris from back of yard.
  6. Repair back yard fencing
  7. Remove tree stump from front yard
  8. Plant new shrubbery in front yard

You’ll note that the inside list is WAY less ambitious than the outside list. That’s because since we’ve moved in, we’ve already put a ton of elbow grease in the inside of the house, and spent very little time outside. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been out in our back yard. To illustrate…

This is comprehensive list of the work we’ve done outside of the house itself:

  1. Put up house numbers
  2. Remove 1 shrub
  3. Rake once

Did you notice I counted “raking”? Yeah, it’s that pathetic.

For decorative purposes, there are some things that I would like to create this year. I’ve been referring to them lately as “snow day” projects. When you’re cooped up inside, and you have a snow day, it’s nice to have a project to work on. You have to plan ahead for a snow day project because by the time you have a snow day, the weather is too nasty to go out and pick up supplies.

Project Ideas

  1. Thread/nail artwork inspired by what’s seen here.
  2. T-shirt rag or latch hook rug (already collecting the t-shirts!)
  3. Paint Tetris bookshelves
  4. Uh, yeah that’s it for now. We only get 5 snow days anyway.

Happy New Year, Everyone! Let’s close with a song that actually makes sense to post with this content!

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