Bench Cushion!

For the first time ever, I am staying home over winter break! Usually the week off is a whirlwind of traveling and visiting much-missed relatives. Evan and I hosted Christmas dinner with some family, which I think went over pretty well. Because we’re not driving all over New York State, I’ve had a little time on my hands. Remember that bench that our awesome friends gave us a few weeks back? Of course you do! Well, I made a cushion for it! I only had to buy one item, so it was a super-easy  an attainable craft!


  • 1 roll of foam ($15)
  • 1 fitted bedsheet leftover from when you made your living room curtains out of flat sheets, but the only color you liked came exclusively in a full-sheet set.
  • 1 package of embroidery floss leftover from when you did this craft.


  1. Have awesome friends who will buy you a new bench (Got it? Good!)

    The "Before" picture of the bench

  2. Lay the foam out over the bench, measure and cut to size.
  3. Measure fabric and cut
  4. Sketch out a cityscape on a piece of paper. Do your best on the Empire State Building, but don’t expect miracles.Good Enough!
  5. Drape your fabric around the cushion and mark where you’d like your embroidery to be.
  6. Remove the fabric, and re-draw your cityscape in chalk

    Chalk city!

  7. Embroider over the chalk. Be terrible at embroidery, and THEN decide that you’re going for a “homey” look.

    This is what your embroidery will look like after one episode of "Hoarders"

  8. Sew it all together and stuff the foam inside.
  9. Ta-da! You’re done!


    "Homey" is a style of embroidery, right?

I’m disappointed in the way the corners turned out, but overall I’m satisfied. It looks much nicer in person than the pictures from my iPhone 4 suggest. Instead of looking like an out-of-place entertainment center, it looks like an actual bench upon which to sit! Mission accomplished!


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