Awesome Friends

We had our first holiday gathering this past weekend, a few friends came over to hang out. It was a lot of fun. We must have really cool friends because one of them read my blog (Hey, Linds!) and figured that the bench that I’d wanted from IKEA would be a good housewarming gift. Today we put it together and it looks fabulous! I plan on making a cushioned seat for it or throwing some pillows on it or something to that effect.

Awesome Bench!

I like this whole thing where I post that I want something online and then people go out and buy it for me. In that spirit, may I present you….

These chairs from CB2 sure are neat, aren't they? Wouldn't it be a shame if they didn't end up in my dining room?

I'll take this whole set from Crate & Barrell, please and thank you!

While we're on a roll here, if there's anyone who wants to turn my kitchen into this, please give me a call!

In all seriousness though, thanks a lot to our friends who showed up with a VERY generous and extremely thoughtful gift! We have great friends, don’t we? Be jealous.

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