Organizational Priorities

I wonder how long it will take me to fill this now empty box with something else

In our old apartment we had a lot of drawer space in the kitchen, so we kept manuals & warrantees in a drawer there. Since we’ve moved I’ve kept them in a turquoise box. The box quickly began to overflow, never mind the fact that it is wildly impractical to actually find what you want if,  for whatever reason, you would actually like to retrieve a specific manual.

Oh, how fancy!

Now –  a filing system. Go me. Hanging file folders each labeled with a room in the house. Manuals will go into the folder that matches the room in which the appliance resides. Ie.  TV manual goes in the living room folder, the toaster manual goes in the kitchen folder, etc.

Look, it even has a home in our office closet!

I’ve been living in our house for about two months, so you may be thinking, “Wow, Christine must be so organized!” If you are, rest assured. I try to be organized, but the reality is that I’m insane and have no sense of priorities. Case in point: that bin is a meticulously organized filing system  for manuals, but let’s zoom out and take a look at the bigger picture here….


….and there it is! Yeah, that seems about right. Pretty rough shape. But at least the manuals are organized!  Thank God, I can rest easy tonight!

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