What kind of crap is IKEA shipping?

Evan and I ventured out to IKEA today. The closest store is in Paramus, NJ. The drive is only about 40 minutes in good traffic, but there is a $5.00 bridge to cross and a twelve mile stint on a toll road, so it costs about $15 to get there and back. We’ll exclude gas because when you drive from New York to New Jersey timing your gas tank is practically an artform. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rolled into NJ with my emergency light on so that I could take maximum advantage of the 60-cent price difference! But I digress.

Our list of things to buy had grown to the point where shelling out the money to get there became worth it. Among other items on the list was a bench for our entryway. Something you could sit on but also throw your shoes in. We woke up early to get there to beat the crowd, because for some reason everyone thinks that IKEA is a great store  through wich to drag bratty, screaming offspring.

This is what we found: Besta Bench.

$90. Great! I’ll take it!

Out of stock….NOOOOOOOO! I’m not driving back here for this crap! I have no free weekends between now and February, and if you believe I’m going to put my life on hold and just to walk through this madhouse again, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

So I think to myself, hey, maybe I’ll just order it online. That way I don’t have to come back. Remember when I told you that the item in question costs $90? Yeah. well the shipping is $99. I understand that IKEA is trying to keep their product prices low by not including any shipping charges in the price of their stock, and that they pass the savings on to you, blah blah blah.  I know that their whole jam is getting you to walk though every INCH of the store and look at all their crap set up in a way that looks impossibly good,  but COME ON!!! IKEA, are you REALLY trying to tell me that it was cheaper to manufacture this item from scratch, ship it and stock it your retail store than it is for you to get it from Northern New Jersey to Southern New York? I call bull on that. Grrrrr!

In conclusion, sometimes IKEA sucks. And I want that damn bench.

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