Yarn Wreaths: I like ’em.

Christmas Wreath. With felt argyle!

If you’re a fan of Etsy or Pinterest, then you’ve probably seen a trend online among crafty, DIY types: wreaths made of yarn. I wasn’tnecessarily on board off the bat. But when I was cooped up over the summer with tons of house energy and no way to expend it,  the result was, among other things, an autumn colored fall wreath. Yarn wreaths take up to two hours and $14 dollars to complete, depending of course on the intricacy of the design. For Christmas, I was all about making an ornament wreath, but unless you happen to have a TON of ornaments you’re looking to get rid of, it’s not really economical.

To make YOUR fall wreath you’ll need:

  1. A foam floral wreath (About $5.00)
  2. At least 1 Skane of yarn (About $3.00 ea)
  3. Felt pieces or scraps (About $.25 ea)
  4. A glue gun (Mine was about $10, but I already had it)
  5. Piece of ribbon (About $4.00)

Autumn Wreath

It’s so easy! Here’s the steps….

  1. Start wrapping your yarn around the wreath. Wrap it tightly so that the wreath itself does not show through.
  2. Glue some felt to it
  3. Throw a ribbon on it

I know the steps sound easy, but that’s because when you look at a yarn wreath, you don’t really need to read the directions. It’s construction is immediately apparent. I love crafts that a 10 year old could do – that’s pretty much where my craft skills plateau.

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