Felt Artwork

How much do you think I could get for this on Etsy?

We’re finally getting to the point where we’ve hung up most of our artwork. Today I hung up these beauties in the guest room. I made them last year as a result of some pent up energy during a snow day. Hung up in a teal room they look especially  nursery-ish. But that’s ok, I like cute things.  I can’t help it if I have the same decorative stylings of an infant.

If you were curious It’s just felt pieces stretched over canvas, with  felt pieces sewn on with contrasting embroidery floss. And buttons for eyes. Whole thing was less than $20 to create. I think I got my inspiration from seeing something like this on Etsy.

Word has it that it’s going to be a rough winter. Maybe I should find some more inspiration and stock up on some craft supplies!

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