Let There Be Light! Part Two

Over the summer is when we’d originally hoped to close on the house, so I didn’t make any plans for summer jobs or anything, figuring that I’d have plenty to do around the house to keep me busy. Well, that didn’t happen. The result of the ensuing boredom is three pillows and a chandelier. Today, I’ll tell you the story of the chandelier.

I first came upon this great set if DIY instructions for a version of this West Elm ceiling lamp. It’s made of capiz shells and costs $250 dollars. At present, I don’t really have that kind of dough to shell out on a lamp. What I did have was $20, little technical skill, a sewing machine, and a lot of time on my hands. This turned out to be the perfect mixture necessary for a new ceiling fixture. I found the tutorial at a blog called Freshly Picked. Honestly, I don’t remember how I came to find it, as I’m not a regular reader. Their tutorial is here.

I’ll show you how I made mine, along with the end result. To clarify, all these photos are from our old apartment.

Step 1: Buy an ugly lampshade. It doesn’t HAVE to be ugly, but it helps.

Exhibit 1: Ugly Lampshade

Step 2: Destroy it.

Naked Lampshade

Step 3: Wrap picture wire around the diameter of the formerly ugly lampshade, bisecting each support

Now with picture wire!

Step 4: Get out the iron, and figure out how to use it. Then, iron 3 layers of wax paper together between  layers of parchment paper.

Step 5: Buy a 1.5″ hole punch. Sit on your bed, turn on A&E’s Intervention, and go to town punching holes.

Is it wrong that Intervention makes me feel better about myself?

Step 6: Figure out how to use the sewing machine through trial & error. Fail miserably and yell at the machine. It helps to yell, don’t skip that step.

Evidence of my failure

Step 7:  Chain piece the wax circles together

What it looks like when you’re not failing

Step 8: Hang the wax paper chains over the edge of the inverted lampshade. Suspend it via curtain rods and chairs. Drumsticks won’t cut it – trust me.

Coming together

Step 9: Put up boring light fixture. Repeat step 8 1,000 times and suspend the lamp from the ceiling! Viola!

Finally! Light!

Homemade Light Fixture!

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