Let There Be Light! Part One

When we bought the house, the only light fixtures were attached to hideous ceiling fans. The remaining fixtures where nothing but dangling wires. At this time of year dusk comes on the early side. On our first night in the house we were in the dark by 6:45, bringing to “light” (haha, get it?) the fact that we needed to take care of the light fixture situation post haste.

One thing that we invested in were a few Plumen bulbs. We got a deal online and paid about half price. Basically, they’re gigantic designer CFL’s. We like the look of Edison bulbs, but they’re quite expensive, energy inefficient and they don’t last long. Check out their site here.

I think it really adds to the look of the house. We bought this cheapy lamp from ikea:

IKEA Melodi Lamp

Cute but plain, no? Add a plumen and bam!

Lookin' good!

Ok, so the quality of my iphone picture is not quite as good as the IKEA website’s professionally taken photo, but the Plumen bulb looks good – trust me. It looks even better on in person. However, with my phone it looks like this.

Doesn't really do it justice

I tried to take a picture of it while it was on, because that’s where it really shines (Ha! I did it again!) But I suck at taking phone pictures. Oh well.

Stay tuned for Part Two – the tale of the dining room chandelier!

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