Things are starting to fall into place little by little. One work in progress is the living room shelving system. Evan and I both decided that we liked an industrial look, which is saving us space and money. The shelves will run from one end of the living room all the way to the dining room, serving also as a dining room hutch substitute. This project, which rang in around the neighborhood of $100, requires following:
1″x10″x12′ pine boards (3)
1″x10″x10′ pine boards (3)
1 half gallon polyurethane
6′ metal tracks (3)
9″ double brackets for track (21)

It’s a happy coincidence that the exposed look that we wanted was going to save us money, but it is certainly not saving us time. Each board requires 3 coats of the poly on each side, and each coat takes about 4 hours to dry. We have the space to do only two boards at a time. I hate that this is beginning to sound like a middle school word problem. I’ll solve it for you and let you know that even if we were coating the boards the second they dried, it would still take us 48 hours just to do he living room boards. The more practical, real life answer is a week. (I know it seems unbelievable, but I have more to do than sit around and watch paint dry.) Right now we’re almost done with the next batch.

I’m very curious to see what others will think of the shelves, what with the hardware typically seen in garages. Its definitely not a polished look. I was nervous about what they would look like. I was also frightened at my lack of alternate ideas in the case that the shelving turned out to be not in my taste. But the more I look at them, the more I feel like they’ll fit in nicely with our stuff.

More updates to follow!

PS. Still no Internet! Can you believe that? I’m dying over here!

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