Snowed In… In October!


This is the view outside the living room window. It is October. This is inexcusable! Now, just two weeks ago on one of our increasingly frequent Home Depot runs, I put a snow shovel on the list. Having lived in apartment complexes for years, we have not needed one. At the time I was pretty much laughed at in the face. Not only by Evan, but also by his family. It was considered silly enough that we did not purchase a snow shovel. Well, here we are. Up a creek without a paddle, so to speak.

Luckily we were able to make it to the grocery store in time to pick up some food. Maddeningly, Christmas decorations were already out for sale. At least this meant that he covered shovel was also out. Thank goodness. We really weren’t unpacked in the kitchen enough to cook in it….but I guess that has to change since we’re snowed in!

One thought on “Snowed In… In October!

  1. Hey… not his whole family… this mother-in-law would have been grabbing a snow shovel and making sure it got back to 10 Cortlandt Place with you!

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