Cute Typography Art

I’ve been so excited about moving into our new house, I can do little else besides think and plan for it. Today we drove to New Jersey to pick up a new-to-us washer & dryer set.  Evan’s cousin moved into a house with two washer/dryers, so they gave one to us! They’re not brand new or anything, but the set that comes with our house is probably from the Regan administration, so we’ll take ’em! Anyway….

Damn, this is gonna look fine in my living room.

A while ago on Etsy I saw a cute typographical poster. The seller advertised them as wedding posters. I’m entirely unsure of what a wedding poster is, or why one would desire such a thing. I’d be linking here, but I never bookmarked it. The posters, though in no way wedding-related, were very cute. So much so in fact, that instead of paying some random chick on the internet $50 to type my name into photoshop, I did it myself. I redesigned the image to match our decor and it cost me about 15 buckeroos to order it from

I made it in Adobe Illustrator, and it was pretty easy. It wasn’t technically challenging, but I like that it looks nice and clean. I bought a silver frame from IKEA. The print will be 50x70cm. That’s gonna look really sweet on my “Porpoise” colored living room wall, don’t you agree?

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