We FINALLY got a closing date!

So, the big news is that we finally got word on a closing date and it’s THIS TUESDAY!  Evan and I are totally stoked. I got the phone call at school, and I actually took it while I was teaching. I then proceeded to show my students what my “I’m buying a house this Tuesday” dance looked like. Pretty safe to say they were impressed.

Artist's Rendering

We were hoping to be closed late last week so that we could have this weekend to work with, but c’est la vie. Nevertheless, we’re determined to be moved in by Monday, October 24th. In our frenzied excitement we sketched out a general timeline of events. Follow the jump to see the specifics….


  • Close on the house (yay!)
  • Clean, clean, clean!
  • Remove doors & moulding
  • Replace washer/dryer
  • Take measurements
  • Finish removing old doors & debris
  • Trip to home depot to buy items for which measurements were required
  • Begin cutting moulding
  • Coat shelving with poly
  • Complete wiring for TV
  • Begin painting
  • Paint, Paint, Paint!
  • Fix upstairs toilet (it runs until you turn the water in the house off!)
  • Finish painting
  • Caulk outside windows
  • Install new doors & moulding
  • Install shelving
  • Unpack IKEA furniture
  • MOVE IN!!!!!!
  • Take a day off to unpack and organize
Ambitious? Undoubtedly. Impossible? We’ll see….

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