Shopping Spree!!!!

What’s the first thing you do when you set up your move-in date? I don’t know what the answer to that question is for most people, but apparently for Evan and I it’s: spend the last of your money at IKEA and Home Depot. There was a lot of “excitement” about buying new stuff for the house today. By excitement I mean “wandering around hopelessly lost in gigantic stores, making way more decisions than a person should have to make in a day, and standing in line a lot.” The biggest decision of the day was probably paint colors. Check it out:


"Teal Zeal" by Behr

"Sandstone Cliff" by Behr

"Porpoise" by Behr

We also got a white called “Hushed White” for the ceiling, doors, and moulding…but I figure you didn’t want to see a picture of white because that seems pretty boring. Porpoise is going to be in most rooms through out the house. (ed: paints have the dumbest names ever – Porpoise? Seriously?) It will be in the living, dining, and kitchen areas, as well as the upstairs bathroom and office. Sanstone Cliff will be in the family room, downstairs bathroom, and master bedroom. Teal Zeal we just got for one room, the guest room. It’s a little bold to put through out the house, but I do like it. It was an impulse decision. We’ll see if it pays off.


At IKEA we bought a bedframe, mattress, boxspring, duvet, night stands, dresser, coffee table, sectional sofa, and 3 light fixtures. We came prepared with a truck and trailer. Thank goodness we did, because sh*t got real once we tried to load it all up. In the trailer is the mattress and the couch. Somehow everything else fit in the bed of the truck. I have this sinking feeling that the remainder of my days could very well be spent following wordless directions while tediously attempting to assemble Swedish furniture. Entertaining pictures of that to follow, I’m sure.

Tomorrow we’re picking up our new-to-us washer and dryer in NJ. After that the plan is to sit around and freak out about how much we have to do get this house to move-in ready in less than a week. I’m pretty prepared on that front.

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