The Disappearing Deck Surprise!

Deck as viewed through the back door. RIP, Deck

When the bank agreed to fix a mold problem in the house without us asking, we were thrilled. When they said they would fix a water drainage issue in the back yard that was causing the mold, again we were thrilled. After all, that saved us about $8,000 for repairs. When they tore out the deck in order to address the issues, we were less than thrilled. We were also very confused: the bank refused to do anything about the fact that when we agreed to purchase a home, it had a deck. And not a small one either, over 250 sq. feet.

Well, there is actually a bit of good news here. First, our lawyers looked over our contract, and yes, we’re entitled to a deck or compensation. We agreed on $5,500 off the purchase price. But, the REALLY good news is that we really don’t have to rebuild a deck at all because underneath the deck was…..

Secret bluestone patio!

A bluestone patio! It’s a little bit smaller than the deck, by about 4 feet in length, and it’s not connected to the house, but it’s actually in really excellent condition! Here, it is wet because it had just been raining. I personally prefer the look of a deck, but I’d rather have a kitchen overhaul than a deck, so we’ll see. The patio is missing a few pieces, and I would probably want to extend it. I wonder if it would be cheaper to build another deck or add to the patio? I wonder which would add more value to the home? It seems like a patio would be way less¬†maintenance, since it never needs to be stained.

The only potential issue is how this could affect our FHA re-inspection. They find some of the most random things to write up: chipped paint, garage door opener, etc. I measured the gap between the back door and the ground, because that is where I see a potential problem. It’s only 10 inches, so hopefully we won’t fail again. Here are some more pictures, so you can really get a sense for it….

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