House on the same street listed!

The house is the mirror image of the one we're buying on the same street.

A house on Cortlandt Place, right down the street was listed online the other day for sale. It’s got the exact same floorplan as our house, so I think that it’s particularly interesting to see. It’s obviously been well cared for and updated over the years, but some of the updates are not very recent. For example, the wall between the kitchen and diningroom has been replaced with a breakfast bar, something Evan and I were considering. But the countertops are all a hunter green laminate! Yuck. Overall, it’s definitely a nicer house than the one we’re buying. But it’s not $100,000 more nice than ours, which is what it is listed for. I don’t know if they’ll find a dope willing to pay what they’re asking, but it does make me feel better that they’re trying to sell it for so much more than what we’re getting ours for.

You can see the entire listing here, but I’ve included some of my favorite pictures after the jump.

The living room has mirrored & wood paneled walls.

This is the breakfast bar. A good idea, implemented in a less-than-perfect way.

Their bathroom is done up pretty nice

I like that you can see the photographer in this picture. Classy. The house is listed as a 2 full bath, but I don't see where the bath could go in this room!

I decided not to include pictures of the stone patio and above ground pool in the  back yard, because really, we can’t compete with that. It is a nice and well-maintained house. I hope they find  a nice buyer since they’ll be our new neighbors!

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